Upcoming Events

04/25Sig Sauer Match
04/25NYLT Staff Development Day
04/25(OA) Ordeal Planning Conference
04/30YD Merit Badge College
05/02Camp Gustin Beaver Work Day
05/02"Get Ready to Camp" Sale at the Pine Tree Scout Shop
05/02BALOO Cub Leader Training @ Camp Gustin
05/02Bomazeen Open House
05/06Kennebec Valley District Commissioners
05/06Kennebec Valley District Committee Meeting
05/06Casco Bay Roundtable and Order of the Arrow
05/06Abnaki District Committee Meeting
05/07Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Basic Training
05/07York District Roundtable and Order of the Arrow
05/07Casco Bay District Eagle Boards
05/09Cubmaster and Den Leader Training
05/14Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Basic Training
05/16Webelos Cross Over Event
05/20Council Commissioner Meeting
05/21Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Basic Training
05/23Cub Scout Biathlon
05/25OFFICE CLOSED - Memorial Day
05/29 - 05/31(OA) Ordeal 1
05/29 - 05/30ITOLS/WLOT Training
05/31(OA) Lodge Executive Committee Meeting
06/05 - 06/07Section NE-1 Conclave
06/12 - 06/14Hinds Staff Orientation
06/19 - 06/21(OA) Ordeal 2
06/27 - 07/11Philmont Trek 2015
06/27SPP Practice Match
06/28 - 07/03National Youth Leadership Training Course
06/29 - 07/03York Day Camp - Camp Nutter
06/30 - 07/03Camp Hinds Webelos Resident Camp - Session #1
07/03OFFICE CLOSED - Independence Day Observance
07/05 - 07/10Camp Hinds Boy Scout Resident Camp - Week #1
07/06 - 07/10Casco Bay Day Camp - Camp Hinds
07/09(OA) Brotherhood Conversion Ceremony
07/11 - 07/12Camp Hinds - Fun Pack Weekend - #1
07/12 - 07/15Camp Bomazeen Webelos Resident Camp - Session #1
07/12 - 07/17Camp Hinds Boy Scout Resident Camp - Week #2
07/15 - 07/18Camp Bomazeen Webelos Resident Camp - Session #2
07/16(OA) ArrowTour
07/16Arrow Tour
07/16(OA) Brotherhood Conversion Ceremony
07/18 - 07/19Camp Hinds - Fun Pack Weekend - #2
07/19 - 07/24Camp Bomazeen Boy Scout Resident Camp
07/19 - 07/24Camp Hinds Boy Scout Resident Camp - Week #3
07/22(OA) Brotherhood Conversion
07/23(OA) Brotherhood Conversion Ceremony
07/25 - 07/26Camp Bomazeen - Fun Pack Weekend - #3
07/26 - 07/31Camp Hinds Boy Scout Resident Camp - Week #4
07/27 - 07/31Kennebec Valley Day Camp - Camp Bomazeen
07/30(OA) Brotherhood Conversion Ceremony
08/01 - 08/02Camp Hinds - Fun Pack Weekend - #4
08/02 - 08/07Camp Hinds Boy Scout Resident Camp - Week #5
08/02 - 08/08(OA) National Order of the Arrow Conference
08/03 - 08/07Abnaki Day Camp - Camp Gustin
08/03 - 08/07Casco Bay Day Camp - Winslow Park
08/06(OA) Brotherhood Conversion Ceremony
08/09 - 08/14Camp Hinds Boy Scout Resident Camp - Week #6
08/13(OA) Brotherhood Conversion Ceremony
08/16 - 08/19Camp Hinds Webelos Resident Camp - Session #2
08/22SPP Practice Meet
09/01Wood Badge 2015
09/07OFFICE CLOSED - Labor Day
09/12Maine State Shooting Event
09/18 - 09/20(OA) Ordeal Weekend 3
09/18 - 09/20Wood Badge Course - Weekend #1
09/19Cub Scout Biathlon
09/20(OA) Lodge Executive Committee Meeting
10/03Smith & Wesson Fall Shoot
10/03Haunted Woods
10/09 - 10/11Wood Badge - Weekend #2
10/16 - 10/18YK Fall Camporee
10/16 - 10/18KV Fall Camporee
10/16 - 10/18CB Fall Camporee
10/17Cub Scout Biathlon
10/17 - 10/18Haunted Woods
10/23 - 10/25(OA) Lodge Leadership Development Weekend
10/23(OA) Lodge Executive Committee Meeting
10/25(OA) Lodge Annual Meeting and Election of Officers
10/30Popcorn Take Order order due to Council
11/11OFFICE CLOSED - Veteran's Day
11/13 - 11/15(OA) National Leadership Seminar & National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar
11/21Cub Scout Biathlon
11/26OFFICE CLOSED - Thanksgiving
11/27OFFICE CLOSED - Thanksgiving Holiday
12/05(OA) Lodge Annual Family Banquet
12/19Cub Scout Biathlon
12/24OFFICE CLOSED - Christmas Eve
12/25OFFICE CLOSED - Christmas Day
01/01OFFICE CLOSED - New Year's Day

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The 2015 Fly First Class course concluded this past Wednesday the 22nd at Camp Hinds. 34 new Boy Scouts were able to learn the skills needed to advance closer towards the rank of First Class. We appreciate the energy, talent, and and commitment of Senior Patrol Leader Phil Dow, Scoutmaster Paul Bock, and their entire team of youth and adult leaders. If your Cub Scout is currently a Webelos who will earn their Arrow of Light in the spring of 2016, you are encouraged to sign them up for the Fly First Class course next year. It is a great way to introduce them to the Boy Scouts, prepare them for summer camp, and help them advance along the Trail to Eagle.